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The little things in life make us feel happy. Here is a list of little programs for your mac to
make “Mac-Life” easier.

The Unarchiver
With this tool you can unzip lots of different data formats, for example: Zip, Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2, Rar, 7-zip, LhA, StuffIt and many more. It replaces the The tool uses the libxad-library. But if you´d like to compress oor repair files you need other software.

One of the best things on buying a mac is: unpack and get started. But it has its drawbacks also. There are lots of different languages, you don´t need, installed on your mac. With “Monolingual” you can remove them forever, so that they don´t depress your disk space anymore.
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It works.

Yeah, it realy worked from 2 to 6 hits. Damn hot!

I just dugg the last post and 4 people came to this blog. On my good old “Macsimum” blog, always hundred of people visited after a digg.

I´ll post more often in future and I hope there will be more visitors soon.

Promoting a blog… Not easy… I tried everything…

I tried everything to promote this blog, but nothing happened. This Blog has 4 hits. In more than 2 weeks. Maybe the subject isn´t interesting enough.

However, I´ll continue blogging here ;-).

Maybe you´ll tell your friends about this blogs and my problems and maybe you´ll also write a comment or correct me ;-).



I´m back from my first holiday (yes, there will be a second) and re-launched my first blog “Macsimum“.
I decided to change the name from “Macsimum” to “up to the macs.“.
Now, I´ve got one problem… English or German?
I don´t know ;-).
I´ll blog about Apple etc…


I just started my blog and now I´ve got already my first “blogbreak”.
I´m on holliday from 27. July 2007 to 4. July 2007.
In Germany now we have the “Summerbreak” and I´m on holiday ;-).

is bad.

is god.

Today I want to blog a bit about my opinion on different things.

The first thing is:
Nazis and racists.
Germany has a bad chapter in its history, but its history. Unfortunately there are still some people who think like Hitler. But its a minority! In Germany are many organisations which try to stop them, but the German Government couldn´t do anything against them and their parties. Is just wanted to say that I am against nazis!

The second:
Apple and Mirosoft.
I am blogging from my iMac. Mac OS X is my first choice! There are too many bugs in Winodws. I´m using an iPod nano to listen to music.
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My name is Max. I´m a blogger from Germany.
Well, I´m writing in English because my english is not very good and I want to learn it, so I decided to open this blog.

My Blog has no special subject. Maybe there will be some translations from german to english or something…

A little bit about me:
You know, my name is Max ;-).
I´m a pupil from germany.
I´ve had a blog before here on, but it has been removed.

Now, you know (almost) everything ;-).
If you´ll fin any mistakes in my posts, please correct me in the comments. That would be realy nice!